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This Thunderstruck win was the start of one of those sessions that don't come around too often, from the point of hitting this, Mr Thor the wild symbol and the rams scatters that trigger the 15 free spins just kept hitting. Even I was amazed at the frequency of the free spins, not to mention the winning combinations that kept increasing my bankroll. Sure there were a few flat patches, but, I'd drop maybe $150 then wham I'd get a $400 win. I should mention this slots session commenced with a $100 deposit and .90 cent spins, this winning streak continued for three days, while cashing out a total of $6,600US.
thunderstruck 9 line bonus slot

Another of the many fantastic wins I got in my three day winning spree. It's a bitter sweet win though, granted $1,000US is some good dollars, but, if only Mr thor had pulled up one line earlier, I'd have been looking at a $5K payout and you'd been looking at five Mr Thor wilds, win! I think the thing I like most about thunderstruck is that I always feel like I have chance of winning something. Lets face it you can't always expect to be getting wins like this, but, it's a nice feeling all the same. Thinking back to this win, and as you can see I was down to $226.50 and at $4.50 a spin believe me a bankroll like that doesn't last too long. What I getting at is that playing slots I also go on my gut instinctive hunches too.

This $1,227.15 win is the result of the free spins. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to catch a screen capture of the five hammers and Thor falling into place, so I had to make do with the final result. Still another excellent win. I should explain what I mean by my hunches. As I've said I normally start playing with .90 cents a spin and then take it from there. If I get a good $150 or more, then I'll up my bet to $2.25 for maybe $20 bucks or so. However, lets say I'm playing my usual bet of .90 cents, sometimes I just get this gut feeling that something is going to hit, so I raise my bet. I've got a classic example of that and the outcome from this same session. Take a look at Ladies Night you'll see what I mean.

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