bonus slots Guide - guide to online casino slot machines

The main difference between standard slots and bonus slot machines is the added bonus round. This extra play screen is normally triggered by obtaining three or more symbols, which then activate the bonus screen. Depending on the online casino slot your playing, it could be free spins multiplied by a factor of 2 or more times the amount of total credits you've wagered at the commencement of obtaining the bonus round.

Alternatively some bonus slots present you with anything from barrels to chests, you must then pick a certain number of the items to reveal your bonus round prize. However, the new breed of bonus slots are offering both styles of game play. Instead of just a free spins round, you are also able to win a pick a prize bonus too. In affect your able to obtain two different bonus slot games from one slot machine. These bonus types apply to both land based gambling and online gambling.

When playing bonus slots in fact any slot machine it's a wise decision to keep a good bankroll strategy.

Although slot machine can be extremely profitable, they can also go thru extended patches of not winning or simple awarding very small wins. I strongly recommend that if your playing a slot and it's not paying, set yourself a cash target. That is if you fall below x amount of dollars simple change slots. You can always go back and try later. For instance playing at Roxy Palace they offer over 90 of which more than half offer online slots bonuses. If one slot has gone cold, move on and try something else. The change may gain a good win.

My own personal experience and preferences, I still find playing the following bonus slots rewarding:

Spring Break - Ladies Night - Thunderstruck

Every time I play slots doesn't mean I've got a large bankroll, sometimes I'm only dropping $50 and I'm looking just for some entertainment. Being able to play 9 line bonus slots means I can play a max .45cent bet on each spin and at least stand a good chance of getting something to extend my game play. Of course I'm hoping for a big win too.

Don't get me wrong though I still play the other slots too. For example I've had some great wins on Isis a 25 liner. The new 25 line slot Bars & Stripes although doesn't have a free spin bonus round, it does have a pretty neat pick a prize bonus round, got $50 on that for a .40cent bet. Now that's not too shabby.

So enough of my waffling about the games I like.

To put everything into basic perspective, the most important bonus slot guide that I could pass forward would be that you need to keep a handle on your slots bankroll. I know that can be a lot easier saying it than doing it, but, if anything is going to make or break your slots play time, I believe this will be it!

Aside from that remember the golden rule only spending what you can afford to lose and don't go chasing your loses. Tomorrow is another day, believe me blowing all your cash is not fun waking up to.

Although Slots are the name of the game, bear in mind that the Casinos also offer some other great games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Poker. Should you be new to the game of online Poker, you need to make sure that you are aware of the rakeback deals that are implemented at the Casino of your choice as these may differ from one Casino to another.

For those persons who have not yet played online, the Casinos offer for you to sign in as a guest players - by doing this you are then able to play free slots in order to get to know the games, the software of more importantly feel comfortable at your chosen Online Casino.