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When you're hot you're sizzling. On the weekend of the 22 of July 2006 I was scorching a path through the 9 line bonus slots. This is the carry over from my good fortune with thunderstruck I can still feel the excitement of these wins, months down the track. As I've said these slot wins don't come around every day, so when you do get the opportunity to push the envelope, grab it with both hands and go hell for leather. Anyway, I'd changed to Ladies Night and although it was hitting here and there it was patchy, I was about to trying another bonus slot, but that hunch kicked in, I upped my bet to $4.50 a spin and three spins later these 5 scatters dropped in to say hello. A cool $2,250US!
ladies night 5 scatters

It doesn't take huge bets to win on bonus slots. This is a prime example. This win came from a .27 cent bet, I got on the free spins; while in the bonus round all wins are tripled. This little ripper fell in on the 8'th spin and earned me $182.07US. Granted it's not a big win by my standards, but, it does prove that even playing small bets you can win some good dollars. This is exactly what I've been getting at, start small and grow your bankroll. This came from a mere $50 deposit. What you need to remember is that if the slot is not running hot, no matter how much you bet it is not going to magically make it pay out. Remember bonus slots go in waves, try to keep this in mind, it prevent an over eager bust.
ladies night 4 wilds

This is one of those times when I needed a break, some light entertainment. The Neteller account was looking rather sad with only $30 in it at the time. Not to be discouraged I dropped the $30 and was playing a mix of .27 cent bet and .18 cent bets. Thing were not going very well in fact they were so bad I dropped down to the lowest bet of .9 cents. As I was only paying to pass some time I didn't really matter. A few spins after dropping my bet this kicked in 5 scatters and the free spins to boot. Still for a .9 cent bet a $45US win is nothing the sneeze at. From memory I ended up withdrawing $350US from this little session.
ladies night bonus slot

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