slots history - history of slot machines one arm bandits history

Slot machines originated in 1887 and were invented by a Mr Charles Fey who constructed his first slot machine the 'Liberty Bell' in basement of his home. At the time he contacted local casino's within the San Francisco area and began renting these slots machines to the casinos. Unlike today's slots, early slot machines used symbols such as hearts, diamond, horseshoes, spades and a stars.

These slots were operated with a nickel. The player would simply drop a nickel in the slot which released the handle and the player would then pull this handle to receive the games outcome. Depending on the outcome would determine the number of coins the player would receive for each winning combination.

In 1907 Mr Charles Fey entered into a business arrangement with Mills Novelty Company to update the Liberty Bell slot. It was housed in a cast iron body and featured cast iron feet with toes; though later these were replaced with ornate feet. In 1915 the cast iron slot machine bodies were replaced with wooden frames by the Mills Novelty Company. During the 1930's due to the growing popularity of slot machines the Mills Novelty Company started to introduce new versions of slots.

The Liberty Bell although popular had a disadvantage of being noisy, hence the updated versions to machines that were both elegant and a lot less noisy. Around this time slot machines were being produced that captured a theme. Slot themes such as Indians, Lion Heads and Eagles were popular.

In the 1940's Bugsy Siegel the owner of the Flamingo Hilton Hotel installed slot machines to entertain the wives and girlfriends of his high roller clientele.

Back in the early day of slot machines they consisted of three reels, however, with the invention of the computer chip these original three reel slots have been largely replaced with four and five reel models; although you will still find three reel single pay line slot machines in operation at Las Vegas for instance.

The phrase 'one arm bandit' was derived from the single arm used to activate the reels. This name also stuck to slots as they seem very able to part one's money from un-lucky players.

Present day land based slot machines are electronic & are run by a pre-programmed computer chip. You may hear avid slot gamblers passing comments such as this slot is loose or this slot is tight. Which basically means a loose slot machine is paying and tight one is not.

As far as slot machine strategy, I'm not aware this is one. Slot machines can go totally dry and a gambler may find that he or she is fleeced of their bankroll. However, another slots player may simple drop one coin straight after the previous players unsuccessful run and win the jackpot. Unlike other casino games, slot machines are not governed by strategies. However, slots, especially bonus slots are a lot of fun.

The styles and number of pay lines that these slot machines offer can very from single line three reels, up to an amazing 30+ pay lines. Slots that offer multi line pay-outs and include bonus rounds have been made extremely popular. These bonus slots as they are commonly known, seem to have been developed for the Australian market. Which it leaves no wonder as to why they have been coined Aussie bonus slots.

Originally slot machines (known as pokies or pokie machines) were introduced into NSW (Australia) in the 70's and allowed to be installed in hotels (bars/pubs), RSL's (return solders league) and football (rugby clubs). Today Australia has one of the largest per capita of slot machines in the world. The annual revenue generated by these 'one arm bandits' Nation wide is staggering. Walk into any casino and you'll soon discover why slot machines are the bread & butter of any land based casino.

With the invention of online casinos and the adapting of online slots, the humble single line three reel slot machines were common place until online casinos began to introduce multi line bonus slots. The beauty of playing bonus slot machines at an online casino is that they offer a far better pay-out percentage than their land based counterparts. The average pay-out percentage for an online casino slots is at 95%, well above what most land based casino establishments set their slot pay-out percentages to.